By renting one of our garments you are agreeing to our terms and conditions.

Shipping: Garments will be sent by Courier Post with overnight courier two days before your event (where possible). Once the garment is with the courier company the shipping time frames are out of our control. If your garment does not arrive in time we will open an investigation with Courier Post and do all we can to get the item to you in time. If your garment does not arrive in time due to shipping timeframes, we will a offer a 50% store discount. We do not offer refunds for this. 

You MUST hand the item over the counter at your local NZ Post agent or Courier Post depot and ensure that the tracking on the return bag is scanned when handed over the counter. DO NOT put the return bag in a postbox, this slows down shipping times as they are not always cleared daily and the items do not get tracked. If you fail ensure the item is tracked, and the item goes missing you will be liable to cover the cost of replacing the garment. If the garment cannot be replaced you will liable to pay the retail value of the garment. These cost do not include the initial rental price you paid. 

Garment must be returned by no later than the next working day after wearing the garment. Weekend rentals being Monday. These are to be taken to the post centres no later than 4.30pm. Failure to return the garments in time will result in a $25 fee for each 24hrs the item has not been returned. 

Picking up items: Items can be collected at an agreed time by both parties. Garments must be returned the day after your event no later than 8pm. There will be a $25 fee for each 24hrs that the item has not been returned. YOU MUST hand the item to myself directly or in the drop box if I am not available which will be communicated to you before you drop the item off. If you leave the garment unattended and the garment goes missing you are liable to replace the garment. If the garment cannot be replaced you will be liable to cover the cost of the retail value. 

If you do not return the garment in time, and the next customer who has booked misses out because of this you will be liable to cover the cost of refunding them.

Damages to the garment: You are liable to cover any cost associated with any damage to the garment caused by you. If the damage is unable to be fixed, you are liable to pay the retail value of the damaged garment. This cost does not include the initial rental price. 

Cleaning: Please DO NOT clean the item. The rental price covers regular cleaning. If cleaning does not remove all marks and stains you will be liable to cover dry cleaning cost $25.

Caring for the garment: FAKE TANNING- please make sure you fake tan at least a day, preferably two days before wearing the garment as tan that has not been completely washed off stains the garments. Please do not use instant tans such as Bondi Sands Glow range as this transfers to the garments. PERFUME- Please do not spray your perfume directly on to the garment as this can lead to discoloration to the garment. 

Refunds: In the unlikely event that the garment is damaged on arrival we will offer you a refund or a store credit. Alternatively we can send a replacement garment if you wish. You must send images of the damage on the day of arrival to be eligible for a refund. We do not offer refunds for garments that do not fit correctly or the way you had hoped so please pick wisely. We do not offer refunds for cancelled events. We will offer store credit for any events cancelled due to Covid-19. Any refunds or store credit will not include the shipping cost if item was shipped unless the garment is faulty and cannot be worn.

Canceled bookings: We will offer refunds for cancelations up to 24hrs after booking the garments, no later. We will offer a store credit for any bookings cancelled at least a week before the original booking date. Any cancelations made after the 7 day cut off will not be eligible for store credit or a refund. 

Any breach of these terms and conditions will be expected to be rectified and resolved within 24hrs of the breach.

Thank you for taking the time to read through our t's and c's. 

Love From Ty